The university prepares bachelors, specialists (engineers), masters in 51 specialties. The lecturing staff consists of more than 900 people, of which 640 have academic degrees and academic titles, including 47 doctors of sciences, professors. From among the teachers, 24 people were elected full members and corresponding members of the branch academies of Ukraine, 25 have honorary titles of Honored Workers of Science and Technology, Honored Workers of Education, winners of the State Prize. More than 13 thousand students study at ZNTU. The university has a military department for the training of reserve officers at the same time as full-time training. Preparatory work with future entrants is carried out at the faculty of pre-university education in the form of a preparatory department, preparatory courses, a weekend school. The CAT (Center for Advanced Training, Retraining, Improvement of Managers and Specialists) provides training and retraining of specialists in six specialties. Individuals who already have higher education, as well as full-time students have the opportunity to receive a second higher education with a responsible diploma.


Now the university is headed by Professor S. B. Belikov. Under his leadership, ZNTU has become a powerful educational and research complex, equipped with modern research equipment; he performs a large amount of basic and applied research. It employs well-known scientific schools in the following fields: foundry production; materials science and heat treatment; welding processes; radio engineering and microelectronics; mechanics of dynamic systems; thermotechnics; technical cybernetics; solid state physics.


The university trains highly qualified scientific personnel in postgraduate and doctoral studies, and specialized scientific councils for the defense of dissertations work. Over the years, the university has trained more than 85,000 professionals, including about 1,500 citizens of foreign countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Business, scientific, educational and cultural ties are maintained with educational institutions in China, Germany, Poland, Russia, France, etc.


ZNTU has established the «Zaporizhzhya Regional Center for Polytechnic Education», which unites more than 40 schools, colleges, technical schools of Zaporizhzhia city and the region, whose graduates have the appropriate benefits when entering the university. ZNTU includes Tokmak Mechanical Technical School, Berdyansk Machine-Building College, Zaporizhzhia Electrotechnical College, Zaporizhzhya Radioelectronics College, Zaporizhzhya Humanities College. The Education for Business training department has been opened, which trains staff for business structures.


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