Worldwide Opportunities


Worldwide Opportunities LLC provides training in working professions for further employment abroad. The company is a member of Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company conducts theoretical and practical training in the following specialties: welder, turner, miller, metalworker, painter, plasterer, electrician, plumber, cook, maid, nurse, etc., which will be held at specialized enterprises.


The period of retraining is from 2 to 7 months.


In the process of obtaining an additional specialty, you have the opportunity to take foreign language courses focused on the country of your future employment. The duration of the courses is from 3 to 6 months. Courses provide an opportunity to learn the language at a conversational level and by profession.


In 2020, it is planned to open a training centre specializing in «Mechatronics». Training will be carried out taking into account the requirements of European curricula.




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