Tavrian Casting Company TALKO LTD produces castings from aluminium alloys by means of high pressure die casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting. Company designs and manufactures casting tools and devices for machining, machined parts and fabricated assemblies.


Over 20 years we are proving our sustainability, reliability and efficiency in the market of casting production in Ukraine and abroad. High scientific-technical and intellectual potential enables our enterprise to solve practical tasks of any complexity in casting. Our partners are leading European and Ukrainian manufacturers of machine building, automotive industry, electric equipment and many others.  The quality management system of our company is certified in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001.


The company’s field of activity: foundry production.

Market segment: parts, assemblies and units where aluminum casting is used; market segment – automotive, mechanical engineering, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment and more.

Offer: high-quality casting of aluminum alloys, machining.


Contacts:; +38 067 6171671 Kolomentsev Alexey.



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