ROLL GRAND LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer of components for all types of gates, which since 2003 has established itself as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer. Component companies are in demand in Ukraine, the European Union and the CIS.


Since 2017, ROLL GRAND has been the official importer of DEA SYSTEM S.p.A.


ROLL GRAND LLC has a powerful modern production base, which includes all stages of the production process: from design to production and shipment of finished products to the buyer. The ROLL GRAND team of specialists and qualified technical staff respond quickly to market demands.


The company began its activities with the manufacture of components for console kits. Currently, «ROLL GRAND» can offer a wide range of components for different types of gates, wickets, suspension systems, lifting mechanisms, sports fields and entertainment centers.


Phone: +38 (061) 220 26 96




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