QRSmarty performs management and tracking tasks in the production process. The goal is to reduce costs, reduce the risk of asset theft, simplify and speed up inventories.


The idea is as simple as possible and consists in the fact that all assets are added to the database, marked, and then, using the mobile application, all changes of the responsible, location, physical condition are recorded. All analytical information and reporting online are displayed in the browser panel.


During the work in this area, many labeling options were tested and optimal solutions were found for different business needs. QRSmarty is used at metallurgical, energy, agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and the number of successful implementations is constantly growing. Thus, in the summer of 2020, the SAAS solution for small and medium-sized businesses was presented – eqman.co, which in addition to industry, can be used in warehouses, pharmacies, government agencies, construction companies and IT. The motto of this software product is very accurate: «eqman – and you have everything under control».


More information: qrsmarty.com and eqman.co.



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