Engineering company GREEN SYSTEM was founded in April 2012 by a team of qualified engineers to work on projects in the field of electronics, telecommunications and construction. The company offers turnkey solutions and services in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency, we implement projects on full autonomy and energy independence of your facility.


Our portfolio includes such projects as: autonomous and backup power systems based on solar power plants and wind turbines, energy storage systems on lithium batteries, as well as autonomous heating, modernization of DHW systems using heat pumps and solar collectors and much more.


GREEN SYSTEM is a leader in the construction of network solar stations for households in the south-east of Ukraine. We have built more than 300 solar power plants for industrial enterprises, gas stations, farms, private homes, hotels, recreation centers, shopping and office centers.


These are network and hybrid solar stations both for the sale of surplus electricity and to compensate for their own consumption. More than half of the facilities were built on the recommendations of previous customers.


The company is an authorized service center for inverter equipment of European and Chinese brands, such as FRONIUS, AFORE, SERMATEC, HUAWEI and others. Official supplier of SOLA photomodules (Poland), SOLUNA energy storage systems.


From 2020, we offer installation and maintenance of charging stations for electric vehicles. Contracts have been concluded with leading manufacturers of charging stations for service and installation. We also offer the supply of new private and commercial electric vehicles.


GREEN SYSTEM has its own design department, installation crews and service department, which allows us to provide our customers with quality service for the entire period of operation of the facility. Also, the company offers customers turnkey design: design, approval and legal support of all design and permit documentation for sale at a green rate.


GREEN SYSTEM is trusted by customers because the company has many years of experience, quality technical base and qualified staff.


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