Private small production and commercial enterprise «Assol» is the official dealer in Ukraine of a number of leading world companies and factories of heavy engineering. The company has established the production of tenth-class bulldozers, as well as modernization and overhaul of equipment.


Also in the range of services of the company there is free maintenance during the warranty period, post-warranty service with a full package of technical documentation. To ensure the prompt and comfortable implementation of technical work, there is a visiting team of professionals who can come to the client’s base and provide assistance or advice. In order to create the most comfortable conditions for the purchase of equipment, a number of programs have been implemented, which makes the equipment more accessible. One of them is a partnership program with Pivdennyi Bank, under the terms of which it is possible to purchase equipment in installments at a base rate of 0.1% per annum. There is a proposal «TRADE IN», which provides for the exchange of old equipment by purchasing new ones. «Assol» specialists come to inspect the condition of the equipment, make an expert opinion with the owner, and agree on further steps.


The main office of PSPCE «Assol» is located in Vasylivka, Zaporizhzhya region, but in order to expand consumer demand and meet customer requirements, the company is constantly increasing the number of regional offices, service centers and spare parts outlets in various regions of Ukraine. Due to this, as well as the widespread use of sending goods through express delivery services, «Assol» customers have the opportunity to quickly receive parts at uniform prices in different regions of the country.




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